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World Bioethics Day Department of International Chair in Bioethics, WMA Cooperating Centre, is excited to announce the celebration of SEVENTH WORLD BIOETHICS DAY globally on Wednesday, 19th October 2022.

All the Units of the Chair across the world (257 as of today) are invited to celebrate the ‘Common Program’ as part of their commitment to proliferate the awareness and practice of Bioethical principles documented in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 2005.


The theme for this year’s celebration shall be ‘Social Responsibility and Health’. This theme is inspired by the Article 14 of UDBHR and by the fact that the importance of responsible behaviors of individuals towards their societies during the Covid-19 pandemic was significantly realized. The sense of responsibility of individuals towards their societies played a significant role in the prevention of spread and acceptance of vaccination in the Covid-19 pandemic. It was observed worldwide that the responsible behaviors of individuals helped in the containment of the disease and vice-versa.


It is suggested that the celebration may be in Offline/Online/Hybrid mode.

The Common Program and Timeline of the events for World Bioethics Day 2022 shall be as follows:

International Program: (To be coordinated by Unit Heads)


1. Name of Event: World Bioethics Day 2022.

a. Official WBD logo: It should be used for all the documents, programs, banners/flyers related to WBD 2022.

b. Official WBD International Banner is prepared by WBD Department.

c. Official WBD Banner of Units: Every Unit should prepare its own official WBD banner as soon as possible. The same should bear the official logos, as mentioned above under point no. 1(a) and (b).


2. First announcement: Units of the Chair should announce the celebration of World Bioethics Day 2022 by 30th June 2022 through their Universities/Institutions and institutional website(s) and/or other methods to all stakeholders (Teaching faculty/students/nurses/private practitioners/public etc.) by publishing the official WBD 2022 banner released by the WBD Department. The International collaborators of Chair, e.g., WMA, IFMSA etc. shall also announce the program through their website(s) or by any other means as deemed fit and decided by them.


3. Promotion of Program by Units: It is advised that Units shall try to expand the program beyond the limits of their Institutions to city, regional and national levels and ensure involvement of other stakeholders. It may be either in the form of celebration beyond the physical boundaries of Institution and/or actively involving various relevant professional organizations of the city in which unit operates, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lawyers, judges, hospitals (municipal/ corporate), philosophers, speech therapists, psychologists, social workers, journalists etc. Different groups of citizens should be invited to take active part in various programs organized by the Units, such as seminars, posters, debates, panel discussions, films etc. Units may collaborate with such professional organizations for the celebration of World Bioethics Day.


4. Submission of entries for various International Competitions: From the date of first announcement till 19th September (Monday) 2022. All the international competitions will be on the theme of the year i.e., ‘Social Responsibility and Health’. This year the categories of International Competitions for students shall be:

i. Artistic Poster Competition

ii. Poetry Competition (English only)

iii. Photography Competition

iv. Short films/ videos Competition

v. Scientific Poster Competition

vi. Scientific Research Paper Competition (New addition)

ONLY ONE ENTRY per unit per competitive category shall be allowed. All the entries shall be awarded Certificate with the name of Student(s) and Unit. ONLY STUDENTS are allowed to participate in these International Competitions. NO FACULTY/ STAFF entries will be entertained. All entries should be sent along with the details of the participants’ viz. Name, Course, Year/Semester of Study, Name of the Institution, Name of Unit and Unit Head. The document containing such details (or details as are prescribed in the ‘Rules for International Competitions WBD 2022’) should be signed by the student and Unit Head.

All the Units should participate in the International Competitions. If a Unit has multiple sub-units, such sub-units are NOT permitted to send separate entries. All such sub-units may send their entries to their Unit, which in turn shall select ONLY ONE entry per competitive event and submit the same as Unit’s entry in that event category. The winners will be awarded.

It is suggested that Units should hold such competitions at their local level before Wednesday, 31st August 2022 and the First Winning entry should be sent for International Competitions before Monday, 19th September 2022. All such entries of local competitive events along with winning entries may be displayed for the audience during the WBD celebrations on 19th October 2022.

1. Entries for the International Competitions should be routed through Unit Heads’ email ID ONLY.
2. Entries submitted by any other means shall not be entertained.
3. Please submit the entries under above competitive category heads only.
4. Entries submitted under changed category heads/titles will be rejected.

5. Progress Information and Video conferencing:

a. Unit Heads should keep their Regional Coordinators (as per the Steering Committee details mentioned below) informed about the developments and any hindrances/difficulties faced by them.

b. Regional Coordinators shall share the information about developments in their region and any issues faced by them/raised by Units with Head of WBD Department, so that necessary and timely measures can be taken to resolve the same. The same may be facilitated by video conference meetings of Unit Heads with Heads of Regions and/or the WBD department.


6. Submission of Final Program by the Units: On or before 31st August 2022 to WBD Department at and to Chair’s Newsletter ‘Bioethical Voices’ editorial board at


7. The Report of WBD 2022 celebration: Units should submit a report on World Bioethics Day 2022 as celebrated by their Units on or before 10th November 2022 to WBD department at and to Newsletter Editorial Board at

8. Special WBD issues of the Bioethical Voices Newsletter: Bioethical Voices will publish Final Programs of Units, and December 2022 issue will contain WBD 2022 reports of Units.

Common Program for Units (to be celebrated on 19th October 2022):


Session I: (Morning Session)

Part 1.

a. Opening speech by Head of the Unit or Head of the Institution.

b. Speech(es) by Head(s)/ representative(s) of collaborating Professional Organization(s).

c. The greetings of International or local representatives of International Chair in Bioethics, WMA Cooperating Centre.

d. The presentation of an award to an active member of the Unit.

Part 2. Guest lecture/Panel Discussion/Webinar/Symposium on ‘Social Responsibility and Health’, by experts in Bioethics/Senior Faculty and involving student representative(s). Targeted audience should be junior staff, PG residents, UG students and Paramedics (Nursing and other supporting staff) and other stakeholders as decided by the Unit.


Session II (Afternoon Session): To encourage and enhance students' participation in the program, this session should include student activities and may include the following: 

Part 3. Scientific Paper/Poster Presentation/Student Debate on ‘Social Responsibility and Health’.

Part 4. Drawing/ Rangoli/ Poetry/ Singing/ Dance Competitions: (On ‘WBD Theme of the Year’)


Part 5. Display of entries of Scientific/Artistic Poster Competition, Short film/video Competition and Photography Competition.


Part 6. Valedictory Function. In addition to above, all Units should prepare flyer or poster for World Bioethics Day event. It is further suggested that these flyers/posters may be prepared by the students of various Institutions/Units and should be based on the ‘World Bioethics Day’ theme of the year. (PS: Units are permitted to make appropriate changes in the common program to suit their requirements. Units are entitled to plan their celebration on a different date in the month of October ONLY subject to local conditions.)

In addition to International Competitive Events and Local Events, other Unit level events suggested are:

I. Essay writing competition.

II. Skit/Play/Drama/Theatre/Music/Dance

III. Symposia.

IV. Bioethics fair. Students may put up stalls and have street plays to create awareness among their colleagues, practicing doctors and laymen.

V. Media appearances (Television/Radio).

VI. Newspaper articles.

Units can choose any of the above or plan any other additional activities, depending on the feasibility.

Program for Students’ Wings of the Units:

Students’ Wings of the Units should be actively involved in the celebration of the event. Unit Heads, Steering committees of the Units and of Students’ Wings should ensure maximum participation of the students in the event. Students should pro-actively participate and play important role in conduction of most of the ceremonies.

Students can also be involved in some social activities, depending on the feasibility of individual Unit and Institution. These can be:

a. Awareness programs at community level in the form of talks, role plays, skits etc. based on the theme of the World Bioethics Day 2022.

b. Service/support programs for Covid-19 affected individuals/families. c. Any other.

Common Program for Students’ Associations:

IFMSA along with its associate medical associations worldwide will actively participate in the celebration of World Bioethics Day 2022. IFMSA should prepare the WBD plan and release the same for their member associations. IFMSA should release the tentative/confirmed dates for various planning milestones for their member associations, as deemed fit to them.

Important Notes (For all):
1. It is suggested to include as many stakeholders as possible in the celebration of the program.
2. Units will have the liberty for minor modifications/additions/deletions to the program.
3. All Units should celebrate WBD and participate in International Competitions.
4. All correspondence related to World Bioethics Day 2022 should be done ONLY on:
5. Having weeklong celebrations: Units, if want, may hold weeklong program as per their feasibility (though it is not suggested as common program for all the Units), but this celebration should not change the Common Program as suggested for the World Bioethics Day 2022.
6. Please like, follow, and share the World Bioethics Day Facebook page of International Chair in Bioethics ( for regular updates.

Useful Information: 

Program Submission form 

WBD Flyer 

WBD Program 

WBD Logo

World Bioethics Day Department, Steering Committee – 2022

Prof. Amon Carmi, Chair, ICB,
Prof. Praveen Arora, Head of Department,

Regional and other Coordinators (Ex-officio members):
Prof. Pierre EFFA, African Division,
Prof. Russell d’Souza, Asia-Pacific Division,
Prof. Vojin Rakic, European Division,
Prof. Moty Benyakar, Latin America Division,,
Prof. Rui Nunes, Portuguese Language Countries Division,
Prof. M. Vasinova, Official Newsletter Division,,
Prof. Daniel Fu Chang Tsai, Official Website Division,
IFMSA representative, Students Associations Coordinator,

Creative Arts Section (for Artistic Posters and Poems):
Dr. Princy Louis Palatty, Section in-charge,
Dr. Mary Mathew, Member,
Dr. Andrie Panayiotou, Member,
Dr. Altin Stafa, Member,
Dr. Derek D’Souza, Member,

Photography and Film Section (for Photography and Short Films):
Dr. Theong Ho Low, Section in-charge,
Prof. Juan Jorge Michel Fariña, Member,
Dr. Shailaja Mane, Member,
Dr. Anu Sharma, Member,
Dr. Srikumar Vasudevan, Member,

Research Section (for Scientific Posters and Research Papers):
Dr. Rui Nunes, Section in-charge.
Prof. Vojin Rakić, Member,
Prof. Natalia Oliva Teles, Member,
Prof. Shai Linn, Member,,
Dra. María A. Tormo Domínguez, Member,
Prof. EFFA Pierre, Member,
Dr. Peter Prasanth, Member,

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