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Head of Department: Prof. Sashka Popova

The International Forum of Teachers (IFT) is a department within the ICB that consists of teachers and institutions from around the world who have been accepted under the requirements of the ICB’s statutes as members of the IFT.


The main objective of the IFT is to form and activate, through global collaboration and dialogue, an organ that will function as a mechanism for the realization of the objectives and activities of the IFT as stated in statutes.

Specific goals of the International Forum of Teachers include the promotion of a network of teachers of bioethics at all levels of education – from elementary school to the university level, including master's and Ph.D. degrees – considering the revolutionary method of active learning suggested by the ICB to UNESCO nearly twenty ago.

This network with nearly 1500 teachers from all continents has made important contributions to the development of bioethics education, and the empowerment of teachers all over the world. 

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