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The International Chair in Bioethics (ICB) produces regularly white papers, that is research-based documents that present information, expert analysis, and the ICB insight into a topic or solution to a problem. On very specific bioethical issues ICB can also produce position papers.

ICB produces formal reports issued to define a policy that was established at some previous time, especially at the international level, advocating that a certain position is the best way to go or that a certain solution is best for a particular problem. The goal is to influence the decision-making processes in bioethics and medical ethics education.

The International Chair in Bioethics white papers follow a problem-solution structure. The main sections include an executive summary, an introduction or a section on background, a section that describes the problem, a section that presents the solution or solutions, and a conclusion. Examples are the forthcoming White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and the White Paper on Ethics Education. The ICB white papers may also be presented as a declaration of principles, such as the Universal Declaration of Gender Equality.

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