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The Carmi World Prize in Bioethics is set up, organized, and delivered by the International Chair in Bioethics a global organization that intends to coordinate and stimulate an International Network of Institutes for Bioethics and Medical Ethics Training, associating higher education institutes in both the developed and developing countries, and to develop an up-to-date syllabus for bioethics and medical ethics education which will satisfy the requirements of modern societies.


The Carmi World Prize in Bioethics aims at:


  1. Rewarding individuals and groups for efforts in promoting bioethics education worldwide;

  2. Encouraging citizens to promote, contribute to, and strengthen the values of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights (UNESCO 2015);

  3. Honoring Amnon Carmi’s vision and life-long engagement in favor of bioethics education.


The Prize rewards implemented projects, or projects under implementation, that support bioethics education. The specific regulation of the Carmi World Prize in Bioethics will soon be available on this website.

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