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Organization: University of Porto, Portugal

Scientific Support: International Chair in Bioethics


Head of the PhD in Global Bioethics: Rui Nunes

Scientific Advisory Committee: Amnon Carmi (Chair), Guilhermina Rego, Ivone Duarte, Mónica Correia, Moty Benyakar, Natália Oliva Teles, Russel D’Souza.

Overview: The PhD in Global Bioethics is organized under a system of credits. It comprises a curricular component, with a total of 60 ECTS, and a research component of 120 ECTS (preparation and public defense of an original thesis specially developed for this purpose). The doctoral program is completed after students reach a passing grade in eight compulsory modules.


Syllabus (Modules): 1. Global Bioethics and One Health, 2. Philosophy and Bioethics, 3. Professional Ethics, 4. Ethics at the Beginning of Life, 5. Ethics at the End of Life and in Palliative Care, 6. Priorities in Healthcare and Global Health, 6. Environment, Biodiversity and Biopolitics, 7. Biolaw and International Conventions.


Language: English.


Structure: The PhD Program comprises 180 ECTS, lasting, in general, six semesters and is completed with the presentation and discussion of the thesis. PhD Course in Global Bioethics (two semesters) – PhD Thesis (four semesters).


Fee: To be determined. Paid monthly (up to 50% of the fee may be used by the student to cover PhD expenses, namely travel and accommodation).


Mandatory: 3 weeks intensive course at Porto, Portugal, and attendance of the International Chair in Bioethics World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law. The PhD thesis may be performed at any worldwide institution under the online guidance of the mentor.


Eligibility: Degree in Medicine, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, and Economics. Degrees from other areas can be accepted after evaluation by the Scientific Committee.


Localization: University of Porto and other Institutions Worldwide


Registration: From March 1 till April 30, 2024 at:

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