•  ● The establishment of the Chair
On June 24th 2001 an agreement was signed by the Director-General of UNESCO and the Rector of the Haifa University, Israel, concerning the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the International Center of Health, Law and Ethics, University of Haifa.
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  •  ● Director   Prof. Amnon Carmi
Country:Ukraine, Kyiv
Date (year) of establishment:2010
Head of the Committee:Dr. Radmyla Hrevtsova, Ass. Professor Academy of Advocacy, Inst. of Medicine, Law, Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics,
Executive Committee:1. Petro Vitte, MD, PhD (Deputy Head of the Committee)
2. Alina Biryukova, JD, PhD, Associate Professor
3. Tetyana Gruzyeva, MD, PhD, Full Professor
4. Alla Kizim, MD, MBA
5. Petro Livak, MD, JD, PhD, Associate Professor
6. Galyna Myronova, PhD (Philosophy), Leading Researcher
7. Kateryna Narovska, JD, LLM (Executive Assistant)
8. Olena Rohova, JD, PhD, Associate Professor
9. Volodymyr Synytsya, MD, JD, PhD, Associate Professor
10. Zoryana Tchernenko, JD, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Address:Tarasa Shevtchenko Blvd. 27
Kyiv 01032, Ukraine
Phone:+38(044)246 5788
Fax:+38 (044)246-5788
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