•  ● The establishment of the Chair
On June 24th 2001 an agreement was signed by the Director-General of UNESCO and the Rector of the Haifa University, Israel, concerning the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the International Center of Health, Law and Ethics, University of Haifa.
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  •  ● Director   Prof. Amnon Carmi
Country:Finland, Turku
Date (year) of establishment:Friday, December 13, 2013
Head of the Committee:Dr. Helena Siipi, Social Sciences, Master of Educational Science
Executive Committee:Helena Siipi (Head)
Rosa Rantanen (General Secretary)
Juha Räikkä,Professor of Philosophy
Veikko Launis, Professor of Medical Ethics
Susanne Uusitalo, M.Phil, Doctoral Candidate
Samuli Rautava, MD, PhD
Hasse Karlsson,Md,Professor of Integrative Neuroscience and Psychiatry
Address:Unit of Philosophy, University of Turku
Assistentinkat 7, 1stFloor 20014 Turku Finland
Phone:(+)358 2 333 5420
Fax:(+)358 2 333 6270
Reference Link:http://www.utu.fi/en/units/soc/units/philosophy/Pages/home.aspx

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